Thursday, April 25, 2019

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I like your quiz questions. Looking forward to more.
Toledo, OH
I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed and learned from your book, Digital Cameras for Beginners. I finished reading your book while working hand and hand with my computer and my camera, in record time!!! Not only did you explain each chapter well but I must add that the visual guide was extremely beneficial. It is a real plus!!!...seeing is believing!!!
I have the used WebWise for Seniors materials to teach basic computer and software for several years. Our students, as well as members of our library computer club, appreciate the clear and easy-to-understand instructions. The wide range of subjects offered by WebWise allows for expanded instruction, especially useful in areas where the latest in technology competes with older systems, while separate segments allow more students to focus on specific areas of interest. WebWise on CD provides instructional aids and reminders for the presenter, allows us to do slide show presentations and print only the handouts needed. I cannot say enough in praise of WebWise for Seniors’ curriculum.
-Ruth S - Computer Instructor
Constantine Township Library, Constantine MI
Thank you for the DVD’s. They are great. I consider these computer DVD’s ideal not only as learning the computer, but as a refresher course to recall various computer functions. We do forget things after some time.
Coshocton, OH.
I am a retired senior with a sincere desire to learn to use a computer efficiently. I checked out three books from the library: PC’s for Dummies, The Computer Companion, Basic Computers for Beginners. In my opinion your book – Basic Computers for Beginners – was the most helpful. The instruction with the visual guides was exactly what I was looking for. It’s an excellent source of information and I highly recommend it.
-Larry K
Salisbury, PA.
Thank you so much for your Basic Beginners tapes. I got more out of your tapes in just three weeks than all the books I’ve read. Thank you again.
Denver, CO
With the WebWise Seniors curriculum we have hosted several computer classes for our patrons who have a need and desire to learn more about computers. The majority of the people who took the classes loved the easy set up and step by step flow of the curriculum, making it very easy for them to follow along. I would recommend the WebWise Seniors curriculum to other libraries and other adult services librarians, it is a very user friendly software that makes teaching it very easy. Thank you so much for providing us with this software!
-Angie S.
Linton Public Library, Linton, IN
I believe the Web Wise Seniors books and videos are a good compliment to the live classes we offer. They provide our students with a means to continue the learning process at their own pace. I have also reviewed their curriculum and think it is an excellent resource for libraries looking to start or expand their classes. I would highly recommend these educational materials.
-Mary P, Training Specialist
Rocky River Public Library, Rocky River OH
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