Web Wise Society


Web Wise Society, formerly Web Wise Seniors, a premier computer education company, is dedicated to teaching basic technology skills to beginners. By becoming an interactive part of the community, working closely with community organizations, and teaching and listening to thousands of students, Web Wise Society developed a unique teaching style and curriculum that have met with overwhelming success.

In classes we frequently heard comments like “The best computer class I have ever taken!” and “I never knew that computers could be explained so well!” At the request of our students, we incorporated the same teaching methods successful in Web Wise Seniors courses into our easy to understand Beginner series.

This website is not a reference book for computers and technology. It is a learning guide for people who want to be skilled tech users. It is like having a private instructor by your side as you walk through the basics of using your device, the internet, email, and so much more.

However, reading explanations and definitions will only get you so far. You need to actually use the device to learn to use it, and this website will help you do just that.

Each section of the website is designed to be read in order. You should begin with overview on page one and continue through the materials as if you were actually taking a course. The sections all relate and build upon one other. Keep your device close at hand. We recommend you read through an entire section and then go back and try the steps outlined in the section.

Keep a pen or pencil handy too. Take notes of any sections that you feel are personally important. Read it, watch it, listen to it and try everything yourself. The more you interact with the content the better this website will work for you.

Above all, please enjoy yourself. Go at your own pace and keep at it. You’ll be a technology wiz before you know it!

A Message from Your Tour Guide

At some time we have to ask ourselves “What are the benefits of the Internet and internet ready devices?” Is it worth the time it takes to learn how to use it? If you ask people already using them, they will quickly respond YES and will be excited to share all the great things they do on their devices and on the Internet. If you ask people who don’t know how to use them, many might answer the question the opposite way. I believe their response is directly related to the fear of unknown. They don’t know how to get there, so they don’t know what marvels await them, how the Internet and Internet Ready Devices can make their lives easier and more enjoyable.

What if I told you it’s possible for you to learn the basics of how to use your device and the Internet in only 6 hours? It is possible.

Would you like to experience any of these benefits?

  • Have Access: To information, family/friends, businesses, government, everything/anyone/anywhere
  • Communicate: Talk with anyone/anywhere in the world for free
  • Socialize: Stay in touch with family/friends, meet new people, interact with others anywhere/anytime
  • Save: Time/money, access coupons, comparison shop
  • Learn: Anything/anytime right from home
  • Help: Get questions answered 24/7/365, share your knowledge/ experiences/opinions
  • Be Entertained: Play Games, interact with people who have similar views/experiences, explore

Is six hours of your time worth the benefits described above? I believe it is. Absolutely! Our goal is to teach only the skills necessary to get started using your device and the Internet. We removed the clutter to make the path quick and easy. We believe, once you have access to the unlimited benefits of the Internet and unlock the full potential of your device, your excitement and personal interests will be your guide.

Pick your device, choose your adventure, pack your things and I’ll bring the map. Your life will never be the same.