The Internet For Beginners

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The Internet for Beginners is designed to be read in order. Readers should begin with section one and continue through the material as if they were actually taking a computer course. The sections all relate and build upon each other.

Readers should keep an internet ready device close at hand while reading The Internet for Beginners. We recommend you read through an entire section and then go back and try the steps outlined in the section.

Keep a pen or pencil handy to take notes and go at your own pace. You’ll be a internet wiz before you know it!

Table of Contents

The Internet
  • Section 1: What is the Internet All About?
    • What is the Internet?
    • What can you find on the Internet?
  • Section 2: Connecting to the Internet
    • Cable Internet Service
    • DSL: Digital Subscriber Line
    • What is Broadband?
  • Section 3: Opening the Internet Connection
    • What is an Internet Browser?
    • Opening the Internet Connection
  • Section 4: Internet Browser Page Layout
    • Internet Browsers
    • Typical Window Layout
    • Address Bar
    • Back Button
    • Forward Button
    • Refresh Button
    • Stop Button
    • Home Button
    • Favorites Button
    • Tools Button
    • Tabs Button
  • Section 5: How to Navigate Webpages
    • Websites and Webpages
    • Hyperlinks (Links)
    • Scroll Bars
  • Section 6: Website Addresses
    • Website Addresses
    • What Makes Up a Typical Website Address?
    • Internal Website Pages
    • Searching the Internet
  • Section 7: Searching the Internet Using Website Addresses
    • Specific Search
  • Section 8: Using a Search Engine
    • Using a Search Engine: Google
    • Opening a Webpage from Search Results
    • Moving to the Next Page of Search Results
    • Filtering the Search Results
    • Search for an Exact Name or Phrase
  • Section 9: Page Cannot be Found – Error Message
    • What to Do
  • Section 10: Viruses
    • What are Viruses?
    • How do You get Viruses?
    • Virus Protection
  • Section 11: Printing
    • The Printing Process
    • Printing a File (One Copy)
    • Print Preview
    • Opening Print Preview