Email For Beginners

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Email for Beginners is designed to be read in order. Readers should begin with section one and continue through the material as if they were actually taking a computer course. The sections all relate and build upon each other.

Readers should keep a computer close at hand while reading Email for Beginners. We recommend you read through an entire section and then go back and try the steps outlined in the section.

Keep a pen or pencil handy to take notes and go at your own pace. You’ll be a email wiz before you know it!

Table of Contents

Welcome to the World of E-mail
  • Section 1: What is Email?
    • The Many Uses of Email
  • Section 2: Email Service Providers
    • Picking the Right Email Service
  • Section 3: Privacy Policies
    • The Importance of Privacy Policies
  • Section 4: Usernames
    • Usernames
  • Section 5: Locating the Email Sign-In Page
    • Using a Search Engine to Find Your Email Provider
    • The Sign-In Page
    • Creating a New Email Account
    • Picking a Username and Password
    • Setting up an Email Account: Step by Step Instructions
    • Setting up an Email Account: Visual Guide
  • Section 6: The Components of an Email Address
    • Usernames
    • The @ Symbol
    • The Email Service’s Name
    • The Extension
    • The Rules of Email Addresses
    • Website Address vs. Email Address
    • Passwords
  • Section 7: Logging In
    • Accessing Your Email Account
  • Section 8: Introducing the Inbox
    • Sender’s Information
    • Subject
    • Date
    • Selection Boxes
    • Advertisements
  • Section 9: Reading an Email Message
    • Opening the Read Screen
    • Reading the Message
    • Reply
    • Reply All
    • Forward
    • Delete
  • Section 10: The New Message Screen
    • Opening the New Message Screen
    • Components of the “New Message” Screen
    • To
    • Subject
    • Writing Your Message
    • The Send Button
    • Sending an Email Message: Step by Step Instructions
  • Section 11: Replying to an Email Message
    • The Reply Options
    • Replying to a Message/li>
    • Replying to a Message: Step by Step Instructions
  • Section 12: Deleting Messages
    • Keep your Inbox Clean
    • Deleting Messages from the Inbox
    • Deleting Messages from the Inbox: Step by Step Instructions
  • Section 13: About Attachments
    • What is an Attachment?
    • Opening an Attachment
    • Viewing an Attachment Displayed Within the Message: Step by Step Instructions
    • Opening an Attachment: Step by Step Instructions
    • Attaching Documents and Online Learning
    • How to Sign Out of Email