Tablets for Beginners

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Tablets for Beginners is designed to be read in order. Readers should begin with section one and continue through the material as if they were actually taking a computer course. The sections all relate and build upon each other.

Readers should keep a tablet close at hand while reading Tablets for Beginners. We recommend you read through an entire section and then go back and try the steps outlined in the section.

Keep a pen or pencil handy to take notes and go at your own pace. You’ll be a tablet wiz before you know it!

Table of Contents

Using a Tablet
  • Section 1: Getting to Know Your Tablet
    • What is a Tablet
    • Program running your tablet
    • Buttons
  • Section 2: Setting Up A Tablet
    • Adding an account
    • Biometric security
    • Connecting to the Internet/Wi-Fi
  • Section 3: Navigation
    • Gestures
    • The Navigation Bar
    • Home Screen
    • Icons
    • Widgets
    • Notification Panel
    • Quick Settings
  • Section 4: Making Selections and Typing
    • Cursor
    • Toolbar
    • Voice Input
Using Your Computer
  • Section 5: Camera and Gallery
    • How Do I Turn the Computer ON?
  • Section 6: Apps
    • Calculator
    • Calendar
    • Clock
    • Contacts
    • Internet browser
    • Messages
    • Google Apps
    • Play Store
  • Section 7: Files
    • The cloud
    • Google Drive
  • Section 8: Customizing Your Tablet
    • Settings
    • Sounds and Notifications
    • Accessibility